June 23, 2015
A good review in De Volkskrant

We have to admit we are terribly flattered by the very positive double page review of De Amsterdamse Krulletter that Bob Witman has published in De Volkskrant.

May 19, 2015
Krulletters on demand

In the last weeks we have been busy making a number of lettering works in the style of the Amsterdamse Krulletters for some of our clients. Some will be printed and others will be hand painted by colleague sign painters. If you need a similar project, don’t hesitate in contacting us.
You can take a look to the complete set at our Behance account.

May 19, 2015
Copperplate workshop at Amsterdam Sign Painters Guild

Ramiro has recently given a workshop introducing to copperplate calligraphy to the Amsterdam Sign Painters Guild. It was a great Saturday spent among home made walnut ink, oblique holders and vintage pointed nibs. Thanks to the ASG crew for the hospitality and the great company! (More pictures of the even can be seen at in Flickr’s account.)

May 4, 2015
Laski Slab won a Hiii Typography 2014’s Golden Award

Our typeface Laski Slab –designed by Paula Mastrangelo & Ramiro Espinoza – has been awarded with the highest prize of the Hiii Typography contest. Needless to say we feel deeply honored for receiving it. Thanks a lot to the jury and congratulations to the rest of the winers.

April 11, 2015
De Amsterdamse Krulletter book

What are the origins of the exuberant swash letters that can be found on the windows of many of Amsterdam’s most traditional bars? Who painted them? Was it a collective creation, or the work of a lone gifted sign painter? How old is this style?
For almost a decade Ramiro Espinoza thoroughly researched the refined, swirling lettering style, examining every surviving example in Amsterdam, Maastricht and Ghent in an effort to answer these questions. He compiled his findings in De Amsterdamse Krulletter – The Curly Letter of Amsterdam, a comprehensive, lushly illustrated and beautifully produced (bilingual English–Dutch) book. With its publication Ramiro hopes to raise awareness for this little-known chapter of the Dutch graphical tradition, bringing it into the present and making the lettering style relevant again.
The text is by Ramiro Espinoza, with an introduction by Jan Middendorp. Photographer Rob Becker documented all the known existing windows in the three cities in beautiful black and white, in order to capture the ambience and context in which the curly script flourished. More than merely a visual essay on the Krulletter, Rob’s photos also constitute a true artistic homage to the Amsterdam ‘brown’ cafés.

You can take a look to the project at Behance
You can purchase De Amsterdamse Krulletter at Lecturis webshop

March 13, 2015
Kerning more ergonomically

Kerning fonts is a tiring activity that can put a big stress on your extremities. Following the advice given at Robothon conference by Andy Clymer, we are experimenting using MetricsMachine and an USB’s game pad with the help of the universal driver USB Overdrive. It works like a charm. We specially like to have a handy way to flip the selected pair when checking kerning symmetry. The next kerning work at Retype is much probably going to be performed with this method.

February 21, 2015
‘De Amsterdamse Krulletter’ book presentation

‘De Amsterdamse Krulletter’ files have been delivered to the publisher and the book will be available approximately in one month. The book will be presented on 8 of April at the Bijzondere Collecties’s building in Amsterdam.

February 14, 2015
Le Guess Who uses Kurversbrug

Le Guess Who is a music festival for independent music such as noise rock, indie rock, IDM, held in Utrecht, Netherlands. Some months ago they began using Kurversbrug as its main typeface for posters, website and their Treasure Guide publication. All designs by Loudmouth.

January 20, 2015
“De Amsterdamse Krulletter” book

De Amsterdamse Krulletter“, an exhaustive research about the Amsterdam’s Curly Letter by Ramiro Espinoza and Rob Becker will be published by Lecuris.nl in April/2015. Stay tuned for news about the book presentation.
Click here for more information.
“De Amsterdamse Krulletter” can be purchased following this link

January 13, 2015
Mooie Krulletters

Our friend Donald Beekman from Studio DBXL has designed with our font Krul a beautiful campaign for Mooie Noten, Amsterdam’s singer-songwriter competition. Great job, Donald!