September 14, 2015
Architect Eduard Cuypers

We are fans of the Amsterdam School and at least once a year we pay a visit to Het Schip, the museum dedicated to this avant-garde movement.
Last time we were there, we found this fine publication dedicated to the architect Eduard Cuypers. Its designer, Joep Pohlen from Polka Design chose Kurversbrug as the cover and headlines typeface and of course we think it was the right decision. :)

September 12, 2015
Emergo report

Emergo is an interesting report on Amsterdam organized crime published by Boom Publishers. The book was designed by René van der Hooren making intensive use of our font family Krurversbrug. Much appreciated, René. We love to see book designers making good use of our fonts.

September 4, 2015
Kurversbrug for Wester Unie’s logo

Another great project using Kurversbrug: Sander Pappot from studio has redesigned the identity of the Amsterdam’s club Wester Unie and the new image looks wonderful!

September 1, 2015
Designing a lettering based logo

In this post at Behance you can take a look to some of the steps in the production of a recent lettering based logo. We used a copperplate style with some traits typic of the Amsterdamse krulletter

August 31, 2015
Krul used in de Volkskrant magazine

Thanks a lot to Jaap Biemans and de Volkskrant’s design team for choosing our font Krul for this beautiful spread in the Volkskrant’s magazine. It looks gorgeous.

July 20, 2015
De Amsterdamse Krulletter reviewed at Fontshop

Many thanks to Yves Peters for the thorough review of De Amsterdamse Krulletter published in Fontshop’s weblog.

July 14, 2015
The old window of Café “Het Molenpad”

The beautiful lettering painted on the windows of Café “Het Molenpad” was one of the first works with “Amsterdamse Krulletters” I could identify and photograph back in 2004. “Het Molenpad” is on the Prinsengracht, separated a few meters from the location of the building were the Public Library used to be located. Two or three years later, I started to be more systematic and take pictures of every window with krulletters, so I came back to this café with a better camera and, to my despair, discovered that the place had been renovated and the old lettering was gone. The pictures I had were not good enough and I couldn’t include them in my book.
A couple of months ago Thijs Kerkhof, owner of “Het Molenpad” contacted me and told me he still had the old lettered glass and that I could take it if I wanted. Wonderful! I had always regretted what happened to this window because the work was in a very good condition and hadn’t been “restored” by less skilled painters – like many of the windows in Amsterdam. So I collected the 28 kilos glass and brought it to Kunst en Zo where Theo van Steijn prepared a strong frame for it.
Now this gorgeous sign painting work is hanging on a wall at ReType’s headquarters. It makes me very happy to watch it every morning.
Ramiro Espinoza.

July 13, 2015
Type and Media 2014/15 graduation projects

As every year we have made a Flickr’s album with pictures of KAKB’s Type and Media 2014/15 graduation projects:

June 23, 2015
A good review in De Volkskrant

We have to admit we are terribly flattered by the very positive double page review of De Amsterdamse Krulletter that Bob Witman has published in De Volkskrant.

May 19, 2015
Krulletters on demand

In the last weeks we have been busy making a number of lettering works in the style of the Amsterdamse Krulletters for some of our clients. Some will be printed and others will be hand painted by colleague sign painters. If you need a similar project, don’t hesitate in contacting us.
You can take a look to the complete set at our Behance account.