March 18, 2016
New Krulletters for De Gouden Hoek

On Amsterdam’s west side is De Gouden Hoek, a chic fish & chips restaurant. Seton Beggs and Jochem Ruijgrok of local design agency Studio Bar were charged with designing a new graphic identity for the space. Determined to contribute to the city’s noble sign painting tradition, they designed a window sign in the distinctive local style. Studio Bar consulted with Ramiro Espinoza to ensure authenticity, making the final sign as beautiful and true to the krulletter originals as possible.

Based on Studio Bar’s sketch, Retype drew a new design and teamed up with Jasper Andries and Martijn Krabman, experienced painters who were able to realize a sign that is now the pride of a very satisfied client.
Some days later we even had the opportunity to show the work to krulletter master Leo Beukeboom who, after evaluating the design, gave his approval and congratulated Jasper on the work.

March 7, 2016
A new family from Retype Foundry: Laski Sans

In 2014 we presented Paula Mastrangelo’s first type family, Laski Slab. Over the last year, Ramiro Espinoza worked to expand the system and today we are proudly introducing Laski Sans, a refined humanistic sans addressing many of today’s design requirements, and specifically optimized for editorial and corporate use.
Laski Sans is a family of 20 fonts with weights finely balanced so that they can be easily combined in a wide range of environments. Its open forms and solid structure grant a high legibility on paper and on screen. The moderate, legible proportions and neutral appearance make Laski Sans especially well suited for commercial publications like marketing collateral and advertising campaigns. The type’s generally reserved tone opens up in 2 showy stencil variants – Stencil Black & Stencil Black Italic – which considerably expand Laski’s creative potential for expressive headlines.
As might be expected from ReType, Laski Sans is a suite of feature-rich OpenType fonts fully equipped to tackle complex, professional typography. The character set includes small caps, fractions, alternate characters, case-sensitive forms, and 5 sets of numerals. Besides standard Latin, its extensive character set supports Central European, Baltic and Turkish languages.

January 21, 2016
Monocle magazine features Amsterdam’s krulletters

In the second number of 2016, Monocle magazine has published a well informed article telling the story of the Amsterdamse Krulletter’s origins and our efforts for preserving and reviving the tradition. Thanks a lot to Marie-Sophie Schwarzer and ‪Monocle’s team for bringing attention to this topic. Thanks also a lot to Studio Bar and Jasper Andries from Amsterdam Signpainters for your design inputs and hard work.

November 29, 2015
The krulletters at Design Bridge Amsterdam

Few months ago the identity agency Design Bridge Amsterdam contacted us for an assignment. Their office was recently renovated and – in accordance with their appreciation for local crafts and traditions – they wanted to recreate Amsterdam’s curly letter in a series of words to be painted on the doors of their meeting rooms.
Design Bridge Amsterdam’s building was once a stable. As a nod to this history each meeting room was named after a horse breed: Chesnut, Bay, Roan, Star, Snip, and Sorrel. ‘Dames’ and ‘Heren’ were also requested for the toilets; and a ‘Hello’ as well for the entrance.
Ramiro Espinoza created a set of custom lettering works fair to the Amsterdam’s Krulletter tradition and asked Jasper Andries – from the Amsterdam Signpainters team – to paint them on the doors.

Everyone involved was quite satisfied with the results. It’s probably the first time new Amsterdamse Krulletters have been painted with a level of accuracy and dedication similar to those of the masters Visser and Beukeboom.
Thanks, Design Bridge, for your trust and support. We love the way the Krulletters look on your doors!

November 29, 2015
This Little World

Becky Chilcott from Chil3 has amused us again with a beautifully designed book by author and journalist Susan Maushart. This Little World is Perth’s Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC) centenary book. Although it has a fairly formal structure in terms of its 11 chapters, every page engages the viewer with different standout images, stories and factoids. The spirit of camaraderie, innovation and achievement are strong elements throughout the book in line with PLC’s 100 year history.
We are very proud by the fact the typeface used throughout the book is Laski Slab, designed by Paula Mastrangelo & Ramiro Espinoza and released with ReType in 2014.

November 29, 2015
Simone Massoni and his sexy fonts

Simone Massoni is an Italian illustrator with a deep appreciation for typography. He runs the website where he likes to pay homage to some of his favorite fonts. In past months well known typefaces like Meta, Archer and Matrix – among others, have been interpreted pairing each font with the illustration of a sensual woman that – in Massoni’s view – embodies the typeface’s attributes.
Last month it was the turn of our font Tomate and Massoni created Justine (a reference to a Spinvis‘s song) as its companion.
We are glad Tomate has been included in such a beautiful website and that a talented artist found its contours inspiring. Thanks a lot Simone! and keep us updated about your projects.

November 16, 2015
At the bar with Design Bridge

Few days ago Ramiro was invited by Design Bridge Amsterdam to talk about his research on the curly script of Amsterdam and how vernacular letters can be used in contemporary identity systems. Many thanks to Zayne Dagher, Marguerite Rubens and the rest of the Design Bridge team for a wonderful evening.
More information:

November 3, 2015
Krulletter workshop at Amsterdam Signpainters

Ramiro Espinoza has recently delivered a workshop on sketching ‪Krulletters‬ at Amsterdam Signpainters’s headquarter. Drawing letters is hard work but at the end of the day, all sketches looked much more refined. We hope the AS team enjoyed it and that soon they will be able to draw and paint krulletters as good as the ones produced by Visser and Beukeboom.
Here you can see some images of the workshop.

September 14, 2015
Architect Eduard Cuypers

We are fans of the Amsterdam School and at least once a year we pay a visit to Het Schip, the museum dedicated to this avant-garde movement.
Last time we were there, we found this fine publication dedicated to the architect Eduard Cuypers. Its designer, Joep Pohlen from Polka Design chose Kurversbrug as the cover and headlines typeface and of course we think it was the right decision. :)

September 12, 2015
Emergo report

Emergo is an interesting report on Amsterdam organized crime published by Boom Publishers. The book was designed by René van der Hooren making intensive use of our font family Krurversbrug. Much appreciated, René. We love to see book designers making good use of our fonts.